Evasive Angles Entertainment : Texas Ass Cakes


Evasive Angles Entertainment : Texas Ass Cakes

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Studio : Evasive Angles Entertainment.
Actors : Ambitious Booty,A. Train,Queen Beautiful,Lonna Rae,Redzilla,Chicago Peach,Jimmy D.,Mark Anthony.
She cannot believe her luck as she unpacks the obscenely giant toys. Well…young and straight, we have it all! Once again you have the unique opportunity to view the stars who paved the way for today’s nymphettes. This time it’s a sensual battle with plenty of nude crotch grinding, breast play and wrestling. Watch these two gals battle it out with those big tits all for your viewing pleasure! Starring the ever-brilliant, John Decker. The best of the best! These girls just can’t get enough hard cock! 3 nasty sluts! Well folks, you have an awesome tape in your hands. City life is really HARD for these filthy whores who want nothing less than some hardcore sex in the city! Alaura Eden, The nice little butt slappin’ pony smoking diva. Twenty of the hottest current porn babes decorate the desert setting where the movie was shot. Four whole hours of titty-stuffin’, pooter poundin’, non-stop action! Watch creamy mocha nipples perk with pleasure as you pinch them between your teeth and pound their zesty meat flaps.

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