Elegant Angel : Massive Facials 7


Elegant Angel : Massive Facials 7

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Studio : Elegant Angel.
Actors : Layla Price,Jenna Ivory,Chanel Preston,Jennifer White.
Load Inducing Ass-Munching, Sphincter Tightening Shenanigans! This is an artsy, sexy, mystic thriller which features some very beautiful and erotic sex scenes!!! They’re young, beautiful, and ready to party. From the rooftops of Sau Paulo to the beaches of Rio De Janeiro, their lust can not be contained when the moment is right, regardless where they are! Leather, chains and beautiful women slaves. She, too, has a body to die for…but much more than mental health on her mind.292 Wait, what is this? Check out the scene where a girl comes to the doctor and wants to find out why her, “Cookie is dry.” Now, I’ve never heard a pussy called a cookie before, but my guess is that she knew that asking that kind of question would get her a hot beef injection with the perfect ratio of lubricant and cock, and the doctor delivers what he prescribes. It’s soft and clean. Watch this tantalizing movie and find out for yourself! Big-breasted girls are hornier than the rest, and this proves it! 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