Digital Alliance : Taboo Sex Fantasies Volume 1 – Juicy Booty Mommas


Digital Alliance : Taboo Sex Fantasies Volume 1 – Juicy Booty Mommas

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Studio : Digital Alliance.
Actors : Galas,Effie,Alexis,Cassandra,Gisselle,Camile.
No one can forget watching Desiree Cousteau late at night on your cable TV! Our good friends at Chameleon, as always, have their eyes on the prize. Watch the Sadistic Female Prison Warder Gag the blindfolded Male Prisoner with her juice-soaked Panties before Arse-Fucking him with a Giant Rubber Strap-on Cock! Hungry for some action, she goes looking for a playmate at the local park. Danny is a hot Latin boy with a BIG THICK dick and a sexy, tight and muscular body. She even likes a girl once in awhile. Starring humongous Glenn Steers and Falcon idol Mark Baxter plus Joey Stefano (in his only on-screen performance as a top), as well as Michael Parks, Matt Gunther, Lon Flexx and more butt-busting action in a knock-down rumble of top vs. bottom. First Geoffri Laurent cruises Lucas DuSolei in the park and the two head back home where Lucas tops Geoffri, then Geoffri tops Lucas. These girls enjoy helping their team win. These never before seen talents are getting down and dirty so they can be the best at cocksucking and pussy licking! A fast-paced story involving rope bondage, waxing, domination play, slave training and humiliation. But this is only the beginning of the DIRTY PICTURES to be taken in Krista’s studio today. These girls have unlimited skills on how to get cum from a cock. He gets lucky and gets his dick wet in this whore’s hole, and gets to watch as she squirts with pleasure! They don’t like a cock up the twat. Once the clock hit midnight I snuck out my window and was on my back and knees before you could say fresh meat. And finally, Steve Hatcher takes me for the anal ride of my life with his giant fuck stick shoved straight up my tailpipe… Rubbing oil on their large breasts, tweaking their nipples and fingering their hot hairy pussies just for your viewing pleasure. OK these sluts are hot and nasty, they are getting their dumpsters filled, and not with trash either, this is good ole down home ass fuckin, the real McCoy and these sluts love it real good! First, he makes “passes,” and then tries the “end around” play. I shared the book with my lovely models … Hot to trot cock pleasing Asians and their tight little pussies will make you cream in delight. Let’s not forget what porn is all about. Little by little, the police’s sexual investigation and persuasive methods reveal the identity of the “Collector”. Jessica & Carly model and show off their pantyhose separately, one sheer beige and the other in elegant black. Watch these pearl-white beauties with coal-black hair get reamed, creamed, and stretched to the limit of their exotic Eastern limits! Watching this video as the filthy slut drinks your cum. He has the most beautiful hard body! Newcomer Jason Tyler came to us a virgin. This hot couple both clean each other’s sex sweat and cum off from their wet bodies. J.O.C. It’s just amazing what we get these bitches to do. Sin City Ultra presents exclusive director Michael Raven’s dark vision of sexual madness…”RAGE”. Her long black hair sways, caresses and hugs her bare beautiful body. Amber Lynn is back and she brought her friends! No matter what she does the figures just don’t add up! A carnal cast of sensual strippers plunge into dripping wet sex, anal penetration, and lesbian hunger as easily as the next lap dance Watch these two rub their big boulders together as they try to dominate the other! They all came, and our cameras captured everything that happened that night. The odds are 2 to 1 on stage and in the crowd. America is the great melting pot; it’s the greatest experiment in multiculturalism in the history of mankind. This couple will say ” I Do” to anyone and “I Will” to anything. Ariana Jollee takes one in her ass, one in her pussy, and four fingers from Kat, all at the same time! Come with us. He finishes with a creamy climax all over her face and tits! Mad scientist inventors have created the ultimate porn stud replacements! If you want a movie to bust your load quick, look no further because British Butt Bangers has everything you want! Once you’re on her, don’t get off her! Our cameraman notices this and offers a helping hand. In the comics, Superman used to track villains to a place called Bizarro World, where everything was backwards; white was black, no meant yes, and Bizarro Superman used his powers for the forces of evil. My favorite is Monique, as she grabs her own luscious tits and gets off wit Randy West could tell she had the potential to become the adult movie star she is today! This was a banner year. She starts with the simple pleasure her business offers its clients all the traditional forms of sex. Trey has pure joy on his face as he takes Gideon’s tongue bath. She goes back to his apartment and shows him why she should get a RAISE! Everyone knows if you need some head, or just need to dip you cock into some tight wet tang there’s only one place to go, and that’s Slum Valley where all the whores live!! Wash the car? Come watch and enjoy the show!!! Hopefully, Valencia’s experience was a good one – it was good for us! Each audition begins by each gal getting asked all of your favorite questions: including detailed ones about sexual preferences and experiences. Sexy petite girl is sitting around her kitchen doing pretty much nothing. Then it’s time to take turns bending over and riding some other collegiate cocks. This is one smokin’ chick! These hot women want to shower and shave off the hair from their pussies. These girls love to fuck themselves and each other with vibrators, dildos and strap-ons until they are wriggling and giggling in pure ecstasy. Well, one thing is for sure…they are Big Things!!! Tremendous cock-sucking action as the contestants take on 12 guys in a cocksucking marathon. There is still some hot fucking and deep penetration rimming to be had, but it all starts with good head! This girl rides her sybian love machine so well, it mixes up her delicious chocolate brown pussy into a rich, juicy dessert! If you’re ready for some fun in the sun, check this out! Dave Pounder is back as the “Bikini Banger!” He picks up more of the hottest amateur chicks and tells them he’s a bikini modeling agent and this is their big break! Hey, maybe you could fuck the bitchiness right out of ’em! They get together and start getting it on the street, like they are the only people in this planet, a way to savor the moment. “Some say I’m beyond my prime… Showing what sluts they really are, once these nubile nymphs get past the pain, they can’t get enough – which it’s why we break ’em in two schlongs at a time! After he’s sure that the coast is clear, he drops his pants and puts on a jack-off show. Jeanie, our first girl gave us a ride home, then winds up sucking and fucking my friend. When it does, there will be excellent chance that the captain will the one in bondage and Maria and Dolores will have an opportunity to pay her back with suffering and humiliation. Big black men with big black cocks show tight holed bitches exactly what jungle fever is really all about. This youthful looking 18yo trailer park kickboxer is only 5’3” in stature but his 7” x 6” fat cock makes up for it. She has a nice pair of tits, looking at you and asking for a nice caressing, but this time she wants to be on her own, taking care of business on her own terms… Trimmed quims, and penetrating toys embellish this cockteasers delight! This DVD explores every succulent inch of their sweet boob-flesh as they strip naked for the voluptuous cameras. San Francisco’s Castro District has long been notorious for being home to that metropolis’ gay population. So, the extra chicken comes in handy! She takes a foreigner on a house hunting expedition and discovers that out-of-towners don’t take any shit! These starlets loves the feeling of a cock in every hole and savor the flavor of man juice. Watch they get their ass plugged and listen to them scream as it happens. Hot young whores get a lesson in cum facials 101! She taunts him with a beautiful view of her panties and her beautiful silky pussylips. An old pal once told Rick “I love shooting girl/girl S&M because no one can be cruel to a woman as another woman.” As you will see … his words are quite truthful!351 Riding Roberta, the most famous and equipped transsexual of Italy, challenges Natasha Kiss to show which woman is more depraved! She loved it. Dr.Mary Jasper, noted sexual psychologist, and world-famous author, had it all. Billie is at work as the owner of the Blinds store and trying to hire some good help. Now it’s Vinnie turn to sit in the ”infamous” circle chair and get serviced by a Str8 black thug! Dragged off to Rome, the Emperor himself takes charge of our hero’s education soon convincing him that, when in Rome do as Romans do! This time Master Jerry gives us a “Behind the Scenes” introduction to his hottest adventures and includes never before seen foo Fill them up and leave them wanting more. In the end in between them. She’s a lil’ squirt who sure can squirt! A good feature film with a coherent script and lots of hot action … As soon as she sees Sylvio huge black cock, she has to taste it and then she has to fuck it. Don’t miss some of the nastiest action you’ll lay your eyes on!

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