Daring Media Group : Hot Wife Confessions


Daring Media Group : Hot Wife Confessions

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Studio : Daring Media Group.
Actors : Alexei Jackson,Summer Rose (i),Max Deeds,Sienna Day,Billy King,Marc Rose,Tia Layne,Holly Kiss,Karlie Simon,Ben Kelly.
I have to admit I loved it!!! These precious stones will keep you rock hard. It is Unforgettable! Well boys and girls look no further for right behind the pink passion is the chocolate heaven. Over 10 girls polishing the “royal crown”. Watch them as they suck and fuck to prove that they’ve accomplished something in the ten years since high school! If you are wanting to put a bit of spice in to your ocular sockets then perhaps you should take a gander at the 3rd installment of Beunos Aires Boys. It’s truly amazing! Then, when your chiseled buddy shows up, you can’t leave him out, as you begin to gobble his huge uncut piece of meat! Somebody get a weed-whacker- it’s a jungle down there. Freshest faces in adult entertainment in their most unguarded moments. Fuck the radio, this is about hardcore porn! Her nervous tension sure makes it hard to keep it down! Take a trip into world of she-male fucking. These horny, older sluts may have some mileage on them, but no one knows how to take a hard, throbbing cock up their assholes better! On this construction site, who will emerge the winner, man or machine? When he finally gets fed up with hearing Monique run her trash talkin’ trap, he grabs them both by the throat and says “shut the fuck up bitch!” Then, he hits dat shit sideways to Sunday until finishing them both off with a double facial These freaks love it! The beauty of women shared in the sensuous world of Fem Bella. This ex-military iron man goes thru his daily workout in the nude! But before he goes, he wants to see some heavy-duty FLESH & LACES. The sweetest cherries in the whole world are here. Terry was a bigger guy, much bigger, and we said, “It’s going to be hard to pull this off.” He took this not as an insult, but as the motivation to lose some weight, to get a tan, and get those abs fit and firm. Dannica Gray strikes a formidable pose as shelounges about in her tight black corset and sheer stockings while the luscious Eric looks coying in her plaid skirt. Afterwards, it’s all smiles and deep breaths! That’s the only way she wants them. The ultimate in power fucking! Forced to lick the boot of her mistress while she holds her ashtray, this young slave must have done something very wrong to deserve this type of corporal punishment. So listen in and watch, as their steamy tales become sensuous realities within the magical magnetic kingdom of adult video. Her’s are some of the best lips that you’ll ever come across, and when it comes to giving advice, she really blows! Oh well, maybe next time. A cock-smoking, muff-diving, double dipping, gangbanging, cum-dripping fuck fest!!! Big, round, fat and beautiful…with mouths like vacuum cleaners!

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