DDF Productions : Sex In The Nature


DDF Productions : Sex In The Nature

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Studio : DDF Productions.
Actors : Chloe Lacourt,Alise Alanis,Holly Anderson,Danielle Maye,Danika,Kami,Stella,Adriana.
If you like blondes and threesomes, then you’re in for even more of a special treat here! Vanessa is a Hawaiian princess who learned to fuck under the coconut trees! Dallas is a gal who loves to show off her sexy body. Watch these cock sucking aficionados prove that there’s more to Brazil than soccer! To increase pleasure for both men, Milan plunges a dildo in and out of Michal’s butt in tandem with his own dick! Love is good, but not as good as a hot DP! These two gals will muff dive for hours but don’t worry, they’ll surface for a hard cock! And a foot fetish too! Everyone knows a big burly daddy they would just love to fuck. When it’s time to scream…these bitches stream! These young sex-machines no habla English, but that doesn’t mean they can’t speak the international language of anal sex. This slut likes being dominated and abused, it turns her on. If you like your sex hard and fast then you are going to love this one. What they see on the screen is Monique and Dee doing their thing for camerawoman Crystal Knight. Ready to get wet? There is nothing I like my chocolate wrapped in more than a sexy French maid uniform! He’s getting it all over, it’s an anal shower. Fresh off the street, these Latin hookers are hungry for meat…man meat! They’re buff, tough, and they like it rough! Sometimes getting tickled your body and mind get absolutely out of control. Marc Miremont films 8 scenes of the most fantastic women, all of them from your fantasies. In the future, a striking purple coifed fem-alien (Raylene) with chrome breasts and no other hair gorges herself on two bio-tech studs. But that doesn’t mean they can’t fuck a sweet air-tight ass. She doesn’t care! They just don’t make ’em like they used to. That’s the exciting and risky game that these girls are playing. As the women are drawn deeper into the ultra erotic nightmare – succumbing to torrid and evil fantasies of the flesh – it will be the most uninhibited among them who shall serve as the vessel into which the Baroness passes… Some of the most beautiful girls in porn fucking their heads off. HARDCORE XXX SEX ACTION! This has all you would expect when a group of hot, horny guys get together – blowjobs, rimming, and lots of hardcore ass pounding! At only 18, this young vixen has an incredible sexual appetite! With a vibrator on her pussy, this slutty slave just can’t get enough of her mistresses hot spanks. This is a very sexy blonde who loves to have fun. This feature is remarkable both for the hot sex it yields and for the variety of action it offers. Let your fantasies go wild as you experience the unmatchable tag-team fucking of twins. Watch as they lick each other’s cunts, finger themselves, suck tits and use a variety of toys including vibrators, double-headed dildos, strap-ons and anal beads! A total of 3 Girl-Girl scenes, one Solo, and the camera-man gets lucky and gets blown twice!!!!! What do black men enjoy doing to get off? (Just kidding Russell.) You knew it was only a matter of time before someone took Ron Howard’s wildly over-praised flick and spoofed it. First, sexy Alex Wilcox plays a lawyer who knows the art of the deal. The girls had no idea what they were getting into. Hot young whores receive incredible DPs in their tight fucking holes! Justin 2 beats his mammoth 11 ” cock (three hands full) to a great eruption and lets Tommy lick it up! Long and slender with dark hair and milky skin, nice breasts, and a hot ass. In some cases you’ll see a bitch, and in others you’ll see a butch. Or let you suck her puffy nipple. These old timers can fuck like rabbits. The world has gone mad. Pussy reaming action! She’s subsequently hired by Madame Rose (Heather Lyn), owner of the most famous “Maison Close” in Malibu. These ten girls can really take a handful! Watch as they all suck, fuck and get fucked in this raw and unedited footage! Double oral penetration – what exactly does that mean? It’s sex in the great outdoors, big-country style. An abundance of anal action and cum facials throughout. Sexy blonde beach girl Sabrina Snow wanted to try new guy Kurt Lockwood. In Volume 2 of this video, we bring you even more Best of the Best footage! They’re pussy licking, dildo using whores! Just imagine yourself living next to a hot young girl and hearing her say with a thick Russian accent, “I like when big cocks go deep inside my pussy.” And if that’s not enough for you, she says, “And one day I want to be trying anal sex.” Get the picture? Filthy young men who are willing to do anything for a buck. Linda Lovelace was thrust into the national spotlight in 1972 with her starring role in Deep Throat, one of the all-time classics of erotic entertainment. Brazilian SCORE titan Angelique gives you a beachside titty and pussy show you’ll never forget! After the explorers are captured, they are tied back to back and Misty is first, her bare feet put through stake stocks in the ground. He first had gay sex at 19 when he got stoned with a friend and they traded blowjobs. She seduces you by whispering in your ear and then sliding those lips along your body and up your cock! Super busty Colt 45 headlines our parade of bodacious beauties, with sizzling input from XXX sensation Houston. This here is the good stuff! These girls really know how to work a cock with their hands. This DVD cuts right to the chase and gives you three straight hours of sloppy wet blow jobs and deep cleavage titfucking, cumshots everywhere, with your favorite busty stars – past and present. Watch the cum seep out of Katia’s pussy and don’t forget about Tery Ferrari as she gets slammed until man goo explodes out of her cunt! Both girls whimper and cry in pain and humiliation as Jamie pushes them past their limits! Lacey: Attempting to tempt her man with an apple would make more sense in the Garden of Eden. They fuck, suck and take it in the ass. There’s nothing like black pussy, once you go black you nev Wild teens! When he’s done, he licks up his own cum. For these young tight sluts their expertise in the field of fucking comes with extra benefits. Were you looking forward to watching Court TV with a bottle of lotion and some paper towels? Exotic and beautiful Euro Sluts getting slammed with huge man meat and then spectacular facials like you have never seen! Stranded in the desert and feeling horny is pretty rough. Everything is going according to plan until her best friend switches sides and lays her then betrays her. This time HUSTLER’s gorgeous honeys tackle their stiffest challenge ever as multiple cocks vie for spots in their eager holes. In realistic ‘retro’ outfits, Salena and Kitty arrive home after attending a funeral of a mutual lesbian friend. Payback sucks and so will you! A scrumptiously all-natural ravisher, Bobbi brings a sophisticated European sensibility to each of her roles, delivering down-and-dirty debauchery while still somehow exuding a sense of classiness. The prize is $250,000 and Faith is willing to give it a try! Why is everyone trying to find he What a great bunch of older horny sluts! She talks openly about sex and what she likes in the bedroom. Kylie loves a huge a facial! Only Acid Rain could bring this to you! Katie starts off by riding Joe’s cock, bouncing up and down on it, then she spins around and rides it backwards. Their tits are here for our amusement!! The most beautiful chocolate, dark brown nipples begging to be sucked, licked touched and rubbed! This one defines the words Girls and Fun! Know what snowballin’ is? Ten – count ’em, ten! Tom takes us through his journey, showing and telling his stories, How To Fuck A Pornstar. Wow – what a c Lots of fun to be had here! I kept my butt up in the air for another. There are so many hot men fucking with the hardest cocks that you will wish you’d brought your suntan lotion and lubed up so you could join in on the action! Cum Covered Faces! Their eyes peer into the camera as you imagine your cock inside their twats and their mouths. This little piggy went to the market. Her evil grin, as she licks the stranger’s cum off her own feet, will thrill and chill you! So they put together some of their naughtiest sexual memories on one 2 hour film! Transport him first to a lush South American forest, where he meets a tribe of lusty warriors, and ultimately their beautiful pagan queen. Maybe this is the sex fantasy you’ve always wanted to explore…

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