Critical Mass : Cool Devices – Temptation Episode 1


Critical Mass : Cool Devices – Temptation Episode 1

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Studio : Critical Mass.
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This is a wonderful wetlook film with great girls and perfect outfits; it has it all! These insatiable beauties are hungry for cock! Continuing our live Fucking Parties orgies, Volume 2 continues the party and features Vixen, Madalyn, LuLu Garcia, River Starr and Holly. We get to see some beautiful Turkish women and great group sex scenes throughout! Now that you’re a bit older, perhaps you could keep your hands off of yourself long enough so that tou too can have “Juicy Dreams” tonight! If that doesn’t excite them enough, they bring in a booblicious babe to join in the fun! Lie back and enjoy these gorgeous models giving the best blowjobs you’ve ever seen! Director William H. These girls have it all – a little bit of sugar and a whole lot of spice! Gradually, the flustered photographer loses his grip on where each of these worlds begins and ends, and is drawn into an surreal, wildly erotic nether world comprised of elements of both. They take the staff up the ass, or one in each hole, or suck up a steaming facial cum load. Like a finely tuned classic car, the mature cock gobblers and gals from Golden Oldies #9 are revved up and ready to gum you to death. Watch her do what she knows best and that’s sexually satisfy everybody in the fucking room! Lots of hot action with all the men you want to see. David is in Master Lee territory. The Adventures of Young Jim Powers: Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones, their heroic youth is well chronicled. Well, prepare to get even in Get Spanked – Gang Spank. She tells Jess about an encounter she once had with a female masseuse. David -This 24yo bisexual Irish/American had his first gay sex at 22. She plays a woman who somehow comes across a map that’s supposed to lead her to a cache of buried treasure. The hottest adult stars from Europe make up this Euro hot movie. Last call for alcohol!Jillian takes it to the max as she poses and struts her sexy body all over the bar. 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The line forms here with a cast including Matt Windsor, Adam Cline, Dean Johnson, Mike Marino, Tony Cameron, Chris Yeager, Carl Seer, and rising star Cody Bawduniak!428 If you’ve ever wanted a helping hand, be sure to call these hot whores! Allison Kilgore, a pretty fresh faced blonde, got tired of her old job and wanted to do videos and learn more about sex. Especially when they have a beautiful uncut cock and that perfect bubble butt you have never fucked. Some of Jet Set 2000’s hottest models come together to make this fantasy reality. She starts off with a nice shower to get herself prim and proper for all of the excitement to come. In the exotic world of the Far East things are never what you think…When you see a pretty little practitioner of alternative medicine, you think of an angel of mercy that’s there to help you back to a state of wellness, not a submissive little cunt that loves to be bound and chained up. To prevent this from happening, you will need to pause this movie every 5 minutes and think of old grandmas!!! Lot’s of straight up oral gets everything rolling and it just keeps getting hotter from there. We trust you will enjoy it as much as we did making it for you. Expecting a warm hero’s welcome, she instead discovers that her country has turned it’s back on her, not for political reasons, but simply because she’s a fattie. Huge cocks pumping asses full of steamy cum. These girls from Israel have a scorching sexual romp; they passionately kiss and rub each other down with oil and then use a glass coke bottle to penetrate each other!!! Experience the thrill of sharp razors gliding over smooth skin. She was brought in for an attitude adjustment and her captor shows no mercy. What I can tell you in this: slamming chicks getting pounded in the dumper makes for some hot action! Her and Jeanna and Angela Summers “borrow” a bunch of money from the bank. It is always fun to feed your fantasy of being between two girls and doing whatever you fucking well please. It’s one program no Howard fan should miss! Incredible butts staring right at you!

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