Cocksure Men : Raw Fuckers 3


Cocksure Men : Raw Fuckers 3

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Studio : Cocksure Men.
Actors : Ondrej Oslava,Jayden Cook,Alex Bach,Karl Rossi,Santiago Rodriguez,Bo Bangor,Paul Fresh,Mark Brown.
Just because they look like girls doesnt mean they like it soft like a female. First things first, JACK STONE’S WET is piss – buckets of it – in the classic first installment of his water sports trilogy. Gagging sounds, then drowning sounds as huge, thick loads of cum erupt into her gullet. A big dick is like winning the lottery. Returning home after a hard day at the office, Quin sits on her couch to relax and unwind from the stress her boss puts her under. Watch as she explodes a river of female cum. The crystal clear craftsmanship of the first ASS FACTOR is back with more glass for her picture perfect ass! Then she slides it down and rams it in her tight little pussy. Get lubed and get ready to go dive into the backdoor, it’s time for some hot ass sex! From Michael Ninn the director that brought you Shock and Latex. See girls baring it all from construction sites to college campuses maybe even in your neighborhood. The only attention slave peanut’s cock seems to get is at the hands of a devious Mistress. The first scene shows a pair of pregnant friends getting dicked by their men. But that’s definitely not all as they continue the fucking in the bedroom! Then she straddles his cock putting it way up inside of her wet pussy. Kevin Gets Spanked features a three-way in which a beefy man spies two others exchanging blowjobs. Starring some of the hairiest girls in the business like Sky, Destiny, Donna and Chile. Joi Reno and Leana Foxxx are at it again! It’ll be your pleasure. Watch these hot young studs jerk off and get fucked in their ten-gallon hats and boots! For those of you who are fans of glory holes, this latest creation is based upon footage that we’ve collected from our local glory hole – open to any man who needed a little “relief” and had a few minutes to spare. Shot entirely on location. This is sure to knock your socks off, and maybe even get you off! Super hot babes enjoy hard pussy pounding sex. This is probably the best collection of hardcore tits and ass your eyes have seen in a long time. Rope, fire, needles, blindfold, whips, and so many more tools used to torture these Asian sluts into begging for them to stop. If you’re into dripping, all-girl parties, HOT SHOWERS #9 is a real blast. Dark decadence and fierce fucking punctuate the third installment of this remarkably cinematic series. Javier’s cast of lucky and willing victims include Soloman, Cristian Diaz, Alex Mendez, Ricky Parker and Greg Sanders. While searching for a missing girl on the wild side of town, our heroines find themselves deep undercover at a hot sex club. Adult diapers just might be in store for these whores when their work is done! (If you’re into anal that is!) These hot Asian chiXXX are ready for their lesson in hardcore fucking and sucking. From a Cuban tart to the boss’s wife, Antoine takes the title of his cable show to the extreme. 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During a recent interview with the legendary director Henri Pachard, he was questioned why he would suddenly agree to release some very private scenes that he taped in his home with some of his close and intimate friends. Now, for the first time, this super international sex star gets even nastier! So, she gets sent back to a Reform School. Brown eyed winkies! An hour of young women un-self-conciously stripping to varying states of nudity, while Six smoking hot honies will take you down the depths of depravity. Watch their monster mammaries fill entire cups with warm, frothy breast milk. The pleasures of foot fucking. Don’t let that fool you. It is all here. Watch as these dudes get rimmed by a hot tongue as the bubbles work their hole, too. Besides being hot she can also suck a mean dick. He’s back in this instant ”holiday classic” with his shaved, inked, and pierced bud, Hunter, and this time there’s a new ”fucker on the block,” sweet doe-eyed Tristan Lawler. 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Check out hours of the finest facials, right in a row! All of this and much more, at the biggest Gay Pride event of Brazil and perhaps the world! Yet she kept telling herself, it’s only a dream, dammit, it’s ONLY a dream!866 These str8 beefy guys think they’re auditioning for str8 porn and end up bustin’ their nuts with a little T.L.C. To sum it all up: Tight, white bitches get anally impaled on a steroidal cucumber. Now try Spicy Lover’s Pussy! Ok, how about both? Very hot scene with 3 cum shots (internal, oral, and feet!) Tavalia has one of the all time great asses! Big cocks and tight twats abound in this wild fuck-fest. She rocks and rolls! These black brothers know just how to suck a johnson and make it scream for more!

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