Bubble Gum Productions : Teen Sex Project Volume 20


Bubble Gum Productions : Teen Sex Project Volume 20

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Studio : Bubble Gum Productions.
Actors : Jasmine Wolff,Vixen Rose,Chanel White,Annie.
The popular home movies line continues with 2006 AVN Hall Of Fame Award winning actress Janet Jacme giving what she describes as the best on-camera blow job of her career. Anyone who craves Euro-twinks should take a look: these guys are smooth, youthful, eager, and uncut! Two sexy college age sistas get their groove on! Feeling that the submissive has been given too much pleasure, mistress gives her the treatment, a nice leather whip to the pussy. Hot poles are being sucked, man-handled and fucked! Fun times, Andie! We begin this all-anal sextravaganza with ELLIE. These are some of the most gorgeous black lesbians you’ll ever see going at each other with fingers, lips, tongues, toys, and unmatched, feverish PASSION!!! Some say it is the most annoying accent in the world. The legendary Miss Alyssa Alps returns to the Napali scene in a titillating tease that makes men drool! Daddy always says that for his girls, it’s not about who you know … Lyla Lei: Petite Lyla Lei is a Cambodian, Thai, and Chinese. Watch as their twinks ride inside a manhole! A real mouthful. A hot, orgasmic, lesbian experience packed with naughty pussy to pussy dildo & strap-on action! There isn’t a casting couch in town that Kody hasn’t been on. In this final episode, the true identity of the legacy of the old world will finally be revealed! Little doll, big cock! They may be young, but they are well hung. These gorgeous flowers are brand-new to porn and will probably never fuck on-screen again. Paige came up with a way to put Xana in her place and keep her there. This interracial movie features 5 scenes including 2 DP’s, anal, a 3 on 1, swallowing and a whole lot more. Watch their desire and gasps becoming stronger as Goddess Freya continues their punishment. She is sitting on the couch waiting for the TV repairman to come and fix her TV. A good thing about European girls is that they don’t say NO to good cock sucking action. Nine horny young cuties get into mischief and get it on tape. The scent of money is a great aphrodisiac, and so are so many ready and willing cocks! These horny virgins just finished their day at school, and as usual are bored with classes and can’t get their dirty little minds off of boys. These horny dark chocolate beauties are waiting to get stuffed with a big cock. We handed her a dildo and she brought herself close to climax. This Argentine sweetie is not to be ignored. This nasty girl’s got a lickin’ stick and she won’t stop ’till the break-a break-a dawn, y’all! Check out these motherly beauties as they screw tons of young cock! The urban legend of “Spanish Fly” has entranced men for decades. Where Chasey’s been…who she’s been doing and why she’s returning to adult movies. Well they aren’t talking about beef burgers… And, all six bouts end with huge facials! She then commences with a hand spanking and sends them to their room. In this adult erotic feature, Dracula kidnaps a pair of newlyweds and proceeds to initiate the bride to married life in his own peculiar way. Rio is a hot Brazilian babe who wants to be penetrated by two black guys. She tramples the shit out of him and when she sees his cock grow, she teases him further by driving a yellow dildo deep into her dripping snatch. Blonde bombshell Greta Karlson plays an actress who needs a lesson in self-discipline, and Director Olivia Outre also appears as a director. If you like your men to look like men, then you’ll love this video! Someone’s dream is coming true in spades. This tape is dedicated to the fans who like real bush on real women getting licked and fucked ’til the hair is wet and matted with sweat and cum! With pussies rubbing against each other, and latex, and cocks it’s expected that someone will be covered in cum. There’s three-way action with Zach and her new babe Paisley; hot lesbo lust when Felecia joins in; and an anal and double penetration gangbang that has Sunset panting in ecstasy! Swing around the Rosie, a pocket full of pussy, gashes, snatches, we all cum now! A delicious, realistic recreation of a couple’s private bondage session is captured on All of this is documented with his penetrating camera lens! Our guerilla porn crews are dedicated to overthrowing the old smut regime. The Seduction of a Marine: The inexperienced marine never had a chance! Suck My Tranny Cock has six SheMales getting sucked till they SQUIRT! This means we see plenty of natural mammary motion. A perfect example of why the amateur business will never go under, (pardon the pun!!) not to mention the other companies and their weird titles. Deep in the heart of New York City, an exotic love potion from the Amazon is turning normally sedate women into sex crazed nymphos who CAN’T GET ENOUGH! If you’re a woman reading this, then I don’t have to explain to you the sensations of have all that girth jammed into your tight little pussy. Hercules is one of the hottest men Tommy has fucked & filmed. Actually, they do take a higher position – when they get on top of the cock! Its all real… all amateur… and very entertaining. They Say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re into dripping, all-girl parties, HOT SHOWERS #9 is a real blast. Hard working ladies of the night bump and grind and shake their moneymakers in the centuries old fashion of pussy for cash. Before she met Pierre Woodman she was a secretary, shed experimented with sex and when a boyfriend had put his finger up her ass, she felt a pleasure that she’d never realized could be possible. A face-sitting extravaganza! Buzz is a 21 year old tall, athletic boy originally from Nashville, Tennessee. No one can miss out on geriatric escapades gone wild. The girl in this movie can’t wait! Just imagine, you can put on your safari hat and get to it! Hot geisha fuck-fest! Let’s see how Boston does in Vinnie’s “Seduction 101″. Nipples and clits get steelafied before your very eyes! When it comes to getting off…rest assured a mature woman will get the job done right. This Tennessee temptress is certainly not alone in paradise for long! Officers Groper and Grinder, a couple of right horny fascists, have been called in for a big debrief with their boss Miss Domina Trix. While taking a shower in her fuzzy pink hat, this sweet Russian bitch gets the urge to get nasty. Rock hard muscles, sweaty bodies, tight asses, perfectly shaped cocks, and a willing mouth. We call them Mega Tits!! Some of the biggest names in adult get down to going down in a tape full of nothing but oral sex – and lots of it! Cum On My Stockings is the fetish you know you love. Secretary needed! A wrestler delight!!!! Their lust for bust drives them wild. Welcome to the World’s Hungriest Cumhole Contest A horny suck-slut takes a pooper full of prick and still flashes a devilish grin. Who gives a shit?! What gushes forth is anything but oil! Nothing better than a little titty action! He also sports an 8” cut dick that rises to the occasion. There is something totally sexy about a girl this pretty and this smart who is also as horny and dirty as this. These babes have a thing for feet…YOUR feet! If any of this sounds appealing, you have to check this out! Extreme sex, hot n’ hard anal, pussy stretching, finger painting orgasms, double vaginal penetration! Welcome to the 10th volume of deep oral teens! Too bad she’s only into girls, or you might discover she’s not so innocent after all! Join our five delectable darlings as they fuck and suck for their all-time favorite dessert. The pole vault. Can you handle 8 Inches of Dylan Jordan? Obviously, playing with her dildo gets her all excited, so she sucks & fucks our cameraman Rich. He doesn’t quite make it, but he does stroke his hard cock until he sprays a steaming load of jizz all over his fac Girls who know what they want and take it from inexperienced studs! We sure have! The Couples Sybian Chronicles of Kellie & Patricia is definitely some great footage that you will ever gaze you’re eyes upon! All the sudden her girlfriend comes in and gets very mad for the fact that she didn’t clean any of the dishes. This time the Rangers cum to the rescue making sure no boy goes without a huge cock in his ass and a hot load of cum in his mouth. And in “Tied and Tickled 2” Marsha is both furious and intrigued when her first date with Mike, her office manager, turns into a ticking frenzy. Plunge into this handful of chocolate cherries and big dongs, “Sugarwalls” style…with a little help from Mr.Bigg! Come into their world and find out how they get down. Sit back and start stroking! The most unusual unique and innovative adult film ever made! See Tiffany Towers at her bust in a megaton tit show that had us pounding our pointers like madmen!

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