Brazzers : Dirty Masseur Vol. 8


Brazzers : Dirty Masseur Vol. 8

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Studio : Brazzers.
Actors : Richie Black,Megan Salinas,Mia Malkova,Christy Mack,Blake Rose,Amy Ried,Kieran Lee,Criss Strokes,Johnny Sins,Bill Bailey,Alektra Blue,Nikki Benz.
Watch buxom brunettes wearing pink headbands take it in the ass while her friend with massive breasts fingers the unoccupied hole. Seductively and slowly I open my mouth as the camera zooms in showing my tonsils, uvula, & tongue in close up view! Naughty Alysha is having a love affair with her big dildos. Heatwave and director Mitchell Spinelli present a wildly erotic tale of the mysterious East and a certain mad scientist whose formula for anal ecstasy falls into the hands and the pants of a notorious band of sex crazed wildmen. One fetish sequence after another sucks you in on a tide, pulls you along in a climactic ride into the dream sequence finale. If you like cinnamon instead of chocolate, these whores have what you want! Why else, once the mistress allowed them to clean their dungeon, would they clown around with all her equipment…and torment her personal slave, who is doing penance in a small cage344 Three things are certain when you hookup with a Latin chick: The pussy meat is brown on the outside and pink on the inside, every pair of jeans in her closet fits her round ass like a glove, and you’ll be her daddy by the end of the night. He makes her moan and grown in pleasure by the way he fucks her. After a hot sweaty game of shooting hoops, these guys are ready to shoot some loads! Watch as she gets completely covered in liquid chocolate!!!!! Rick comes home, finds her and wants some of that bleached blonde’s pussy juice. For her shocking abuse of the English language (ie, her use of foul language), the big sister takes down her jeans and panties and bends over her little sister’s knee. It’s hardcore… Prepare yourself for another hard pounding episode of nine well-trimmed twinks giving it and getting it and not letting anything come between their pleasures! The birthday boy has his pick of these slutty she-males…and his pick of how he wants to use them! Nothing fake, not even her cumming is fake!! Then chaining them together, she watches as their body heat rises, struggling helplessly trying to use each other, crazed with insatiable lust!448 This is hardcore girl on girl action at it’s finest. The competition is quite stiff, having such beauties fighting over a recognizable position in the eyes of qualified authorities in close range of a cup full of cum.746 Every macho stud likes to get his cock sucked. In front of a mirror, or in a pool, these girls can’t get any hotter! Hard to believe that people actually did go to jail for what is now commonplace and big, big fucking business. When a hot girl arrives in garters, Randy puts her to the test! Call me an ambulance cause I’m going to the hospital to get me some!! On tonight’s menu were serving up young hot pink chocolate puss, with round ass and juicy full lips. Fuck, suck, anal, ATM, ATP and every other vile sex act you can possibly imagine. Marvel at how these fair-skinned babes drool over Sean Michael’s legendary dark meat! This straight Fireman did his first videos with us at Cum A lot just recently and boy is it hot. All three guys are left humiliated, fearful, bruised and battered by Debbie’s power, paddles, latex rod, whips, black gloves, leather strap and bamboo cane! Visionary, multi-award winning genius director Thomas Zupko emerges his dark underworld with the movie that will forever be his legacy. Forty four minutes of nothing but bottoms, fronts, smooching and lip smacking goodies!! First timer Elise performs like a pro. Farting and gaping asshole releasing sloppy farts. Pull up a chair and watch the third of four in the Maze collection! From butt plugs to didlo’s you won’t fucking believe it! Jim Legman and his obvious leg and foot fetish has gotten out of hand. This poor little maid has no idea what she is in for! “Muffmania 5” continues in the hairy tradition of bring you hirsute honeys whose appetite for cock is only match by the number of hairs on their body! Shannon puts 2 cameras on their tripods and Collin holds the third camcorder as Shannon makes wild passionate love to her boyfriend in her bedroom. These two ladies are lusty, lewd, and ready to get screwed! And don’t miss British brat Flick Shagwell and smart alec Jasmine Klein competing in a rod swallowing contest guaranteed to get you off! Eventually these bad girls are both spanked, paddled and caned. These dream women do it all for you! These lovely creatures will certainly stir your imagination and bring your soldier to stiff attention! See sexy, young senoritas drilled Hustler-style! 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Christina is a European beauty who would not do boy-girl but she is so pretty you won’t mind watching her strip & finger herself to an immense orgasm. The young men are quickly introduced to new sensual pleasures as they perform their sexual fantasies together. The nasty Latin bra buster opens her hungry asshole and takes stiff cocks deep where she likes them best, in the raunchiest and hottest anal loops ever! I had a great time sliding up and down on his huge cock. We traveled from city to city to bring you all the insane action. Sex is everywhere and it’s all on film. Beautifully shot scenery of some European country during a picturesque snowfall bookend each of the titillating sex scenes (which we enter already in progress). By the looks of these girls on a scale of 1-10 these girls are a “69”! These Shemale Friends are the kind of Shemale Friends I’d like to have. This video will make you want to go play doctor. 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We only shoot the tightest asses in the business, and we do mean shoot…

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