Brat Perversions Films : The Wife Humiliation


Brat Perversions Films : The Wife Humiliation

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Studio : Brat Perversions Films.
Actors : Ginary,Miss Brat Dom,Lillian Tesh.
Travel and adventure are all for the taking on an exotic trans-Pacific flight to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and the Islands of Paradise. Rainbow follows a young Asian girl who’s got something vibrating in her pants. A seemingly mild-mannered older guy sees a ripe, young girl of 18 or so and goes completely out of his mind with lustful desires. In Volume 24, we meet three amateur sluts: Loni, an Asian beauty who has an insatiable appetite for sucking cock with a kung fu grip; 21 yo Amy who has no rent to pay the landlord. If we were all so lucky! If you’re into banging hefty old women, then this movie is definitely for you! Some of the hottest mature sluts take on some young studs in this unadulterated … or, over-adulterated … flesh fiesta! If you don’t like abusive language then do not watch this movie. They are so sensual: brown skin, those accents! Watch as they fill their asses with toys and cum like a man has never made them cum before! Watch these pearl-white beauties with coal-black hair get reamed, creamed, and stretched to the limit of their exotic Eastern limits! These straight guys can’t get enough of the tranny love muscle to suck on or drill their asses hard. These cuties suck and fuck their way through in every position you can think of. This is the most incredible adult motion picture of all time! Unbelievable Huge Hefty Mamas – sex is fun when you weigh a Ton! Beautiful young Tommy Burns must please his master Lance Gear — who is in the mood to make him feel it. That’s okay. Leather whipped, nipple chained & feet freezing in ice. The word “orgy” can’t even begin to describe the carnal mayhem that follows. Oh Canada! Four awesome girls put their asses up on the chopping block. Check out these hotties as they ride hard and get off every time they hop on a cock! Tell us which is your favorite blowjob to jerk off to. Watch phat booty hoes get tapped! This girl will get abused over and over (this is only acting) and the pain turns her on! Lots of great angels and great lighting, with lots of audio make this a video that everyone will want to have in their Billie collection. They splash around until they’re dripping wet! Everyone leaves here satisfied! Vanilla, Bonnie, Victoria, Genesis beg you not to tell daddy that they have done anal. This time it’s with 19 year old Brittany Madison. And, unlike the other team that strives to win, these girls strive to sin, and their uncensored, uninhibited teamwork will likely turn the next tribal council into a steamy orgiastic ritual! Like ’em hairy? They debased the man-pig and, after an excruciatingly painful hot-waxing of his cock tip, they cleaned it with a bristle brush and milked his raw cock into the cum plate. A couple of the Czech Republic’s buff, young guys get together with some of their lady friends for lunch at a swanky restaurant in Prague’s Old City. Lay back and enjoy the many threesomes, rimming, topping and oral action in this XXX delight from Vivid! Tia Bella’s got the look, but she is finding out some hard truths. But when she finds out the truth, all ends up better than his wildest dreams. He must have amazed himself, as he sits up and says to the camera, “Not bad for a straight boy, eh?” Not bad at all! Big is definitely better! It’s a Photographers Dream! Lovely tight body blondies waiting for your stiff cock to penetrate their sweet vaginas and tight butt holes. Soma, a Latin sensation, what can you say…the bitch is twisted! Her appetite grows as big as the hard cock she seeks…watch and see how big her appetite actually is for cock! This gorgeous little cherub sits her pussy down and rides the Sybian not like an, “angel” but more like a bat out of hell! The film begins with Belladonna’s perfect ass hiked in the air teasing us. Pair them off 2 on 1 like they’re playing hoops and keep the cameras rolling. Girl on Girl interracial, White/Black and vice versa, cum drenched faces and blowjobs galore, ass fucking and pussy eating, this is a four hour smorgasbord of sex and every minute is exciting as the last… This video contains a total of 8 FULL scenes featuring some of our hottest guys and is TWO HOURS in length. Now, if you like to be in control of what you want, then these are the bitches to see. Worried, his aunt hires a sexy private teacher to help bring him out of his shell. Be careful! The sultry action of “Hot Showers #6” brings out the lesbian in all of us. The judge has sentenced these trailer park whores to sexual rehabilitation with the church program run by sister Mary Spanky. We then move to Barbi’s appointment. Throw in a midget and some interracial sex to mix it up and you have a great porn video. She spends her night and days experimenting with her sweet young body – satisfying a hot erotic appetite with an endless parade of female loves. Justine and Sandy make their debut with Bob’s smokers and other new friends Venus, Jewel and Heather Lyn are particularly pleasing. Torn between the love of a beautiful woman and an incredible man, what ever is Clarisse to do? Hell I ripped her panties right off of her! These hot Asian ladies get ready for a royal fucking! In porn as in life, it is survival of the boobiest. “Skin” tested the waters and now “Skin Too” dives into the deep end – domination, submission, latex, leather, masters and slaves – their desires are unadulterated, the pleasures are genuine, the reward is yours. This features light-hearted vignettes of damsels in distress! In some cases, we even double dip into double penetration action! One of the black studs is hung like a mule and when Lexxy sees it she freaks out and almost leaves. Mr.Maxwell beats poor Margaret’s tushy until it turns beet red. He starts by chaining her to poles and caning her ass hard! Covergirl Sindee Cox takes on pro fave Montana and proves that some of the most innocent looking girls are also some of the nastiest. He takes off his shirt and his pants hit the floor as Mica eagerly takes his soft cock in her mouth. Professor Rodney is happy to comply when given the chance to teach innocent, young ladies about the art of being nasty. Lauren Phoenix gets her ass drilled and still wants more! The two go together like milk and cookies. Non-stop, in-your-face action in typical Pussyman style! She applies shaving cream and shaves them smooth. Are these girls up to the task or will they punk out before their anal holes fill up with fluid? But when you add Julien Sniper, Jozef Dickson, or Jonhy Saint into the mix that changes everything! Don’t bother to get a gift; just bring your wet and willing pussy! Get ready for their definition of “loose morals.” I just love watching new whores getting fucked, and so will you! No need to wonder any longer, you’ll catch all the hot steamy action right here. The new stud quickly leaves his spunk in her cunt on top of the previously left sperm. She puts up little resistance when she is treated to a rosy red-cheeked spanking. Well, at least they think they love it when they start the scene. Don’t miss out on over 100 minutes of solid hardcore action! 2 hours and 20 minutes of sexy mature girl action! Well if you have a thing for fat, prepare yourself for entertainment.

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