Brat Perversions Films : Pegged & Exposed


Brat Perversions Films : Pegged & Exposed

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Studio : Brat Perversions Films.
Actors : Miss Brat Dom,Chichi Medina,Alex.
Watch the Backseat Bangers turn these girls out! He takes everything he does to the hilt! To complete Jeena’s fantasy, she is brought to a private movie theatre where her fantasy awaits. HEAT ON THE DANUBE! And who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds? Don’t worry – you can have fun and get paid too!! She starts out at the lake on a warm, blustery day, and immediately enters wearing a long red polka dot dress that simply epitomizes Wetlook. Raw amateur sex awaits you at the ‘Porno House’ two blocks away from the base! But when she felt the hard outline of cock through your pants, she might have an inkling. So cum on – you’re invited too! But she’s a girl who knows what she likes, and after a pretty explicit and honest interview, she goes straight to her magic hot spot – and works it to orgasm. Her and grandpa love to invite strange men over to serve up some hot pussy and toss some salads too! They have sex on every piece of equipment in the gym. The Julie Meadows and Jack Hammer scene was fantastic. Schoolgirls Rene & Maya arrive home to discover their bed scattered with balloons. All these girls wanted was a desire fulfilled… but could they find women strong enough! Check out this blistering study in black on black sex from Nicky Starks. “My first all girl adventure! Infamous Bondage Murders 2, a ferocious blend of “Last House On the Left” and the sickest, sleaziest, most graphic grindhouse exploitation ever to excite and delight. What do people expect? Plus 1 All-New Scene Exclusive to this Their lust for bust drives them wild. Its ooie gooie good, fetch it with your tongue bitch, go slobber that shit! In the world of drug traffic the only ones with power are the ones with huge cocks and that are willing to give a nice ass fuck to the ones who need to learn a lesson!! With 4 all black hours of action, N.W.A. The beautiful top fucks the muscle bound bottoms and the action gets really hot when the “huge bodybuilder” wants a cock in his ass AND his cock up some ass at the same time! At one point Steven uses a double-headed dildo on the Brandons, with the two guys taking almost all of it while they shove on each other. Sharon Kane delivers her strongest performance yet as the maniacal, sadistic ruler Electra. Sexy Smokie takes on two cocks and gets a double load! She gets hung up on “Hippopotamus” and has to look it up as her father leaves to run some errands. Dripping down they go. We’re talking before she gets eaten alive by the bar scene! Angela Rose: Age 20: “This girl equally loves to suck cock, swallow cum, eat pussy, have her pussy eaten, and lick asshole! And don’t miss Scarlet getting her Ass fucked for the very first time. Terrified tramps are hung from their limbs by masked maniacs who love to see them squirm in pain! Utilizing the violet wand, whip and her strong hands on slave bull, she succeeds in turning his cock and balls into her private play toys. Then they take turns fucking her different ends on her hands and knees, back, and side. Stoney and Pat find a schoolgirl with a broken down bike and offer to give her a ride that she’ll never forget. Huge bubble butts taking big black nuts. Dis is a movie fo’ all those brothas who love the look of a round rump getting reamed real good! There is many a tortuous twist and turn in HOM’s tantalizing tale of royal revenge…a Punished Princess. This is a must see for the adventurous sex fiend!!347 The HUNGarians Are Back With More Action-Packed fucking!!! These French vixens speak the universal language of hardcore fucking! So, if you are lonely and could use a good fuck … If you like big breasted blondes who can whip up some awesome grub this episode is definitely for you! Why not let them show you their big hard titties and taste their huge and hard man meat! One of the flick’s best scenes features John Holmes as the willing subject during a lesson in oral sex. The subject is male – and, he gets his ass beaten until it’s a delicate shade of red. High in protein and low in calories…what more could a girl want then a mouth full of man goo? So drop you pants, grab your cock, bend on over and say Mmmmm, bitch! With Jennifer Steele, Adajja, Gwen Summers and Tara, She squirts is one of the most erotic movies with some very huge toys to play with. With their huge tits, ample asses and deepthroats, these babes are BUILT FOR SEX! Raymond definitely makes the grade – bent over with a full ten inches up his hard, hungry ass!274 They don’t need implants or surgery to enhance their cocksucking abilities, they were born with it! Enter if you dare! Hot threesome action with combinations that are endless! The medication, however, comes in the form of Miss Saxon. 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She’s got some ass and this is easily one of my favorite anal scenes! 10 gorgeous girls partake in sizzling girl on girl action before tag-teaming giant cocks during an amazing 2 on 1 hard-core sex frenzy! Get your daily dose! Since there are no real cocks allowed, they’ll go to every extreme to secure their pleasure, even if it means sticking their fingers & dildos deep into each other’s love land. Hell, there is nothing this 40+ honey likes more than fuck-crazy sex! This video is packed with five hours of nonstop Asia and all her friends, fucking, sucking, blowing, and taking facials like the whores they are. Welcome to the slave market, where all your perverted fantasies can be fulfilled… Watch as these hot chicks light the screen up with hardcore action!!!! Play with them like over inflated balloons. Despite her promise to retract the newspaper story, she is placed in a perilous predicament. We hope that you get turned on, and laugh your ass off, too! 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Watch as this huge interracial video mix shows you everything from hardcore pussy pounding and wet cock sucking to deep anal penetration. A hot whore fingering herself in the bubble bath! A long-legged therapist dangles her shoes and force-feeds her patient plump, brown toes till he explodes. These high class sluts take all deliveries in the rear! Ron’s entire apartment complex seems to be populated by sexually voracious lesbians who spend the bulk of their time engaged in high spirited Sapphic hijinx. Hot babes get nasty with themselves in a car, in chairs, they just don’t care as long as they get off. This video is all outdoor scenes, each one ending with a messy facial. Lo, but we think you’ll be pleased. Perversions, a lusty tale of intrigue and defeat about an immoral attorney who finds himself trapped in the sordid love triangle of a wealthy nymphomaniac, her wildly promiscuous daughter, and their psychopath lover. Brandi Lyons still can’t sit down after getting ass fucked by Scott and Alex. We’re back with another video and guess what? With my last film the quest began and now with number 2 the saga continues as I find other hot women with the same insatiable appetite for men’s asses that I have. Shot in the most beautiful of castles this is by far the most intense Dresden we have made to date. Woodman took it one stage further and showed her what it felt like to have a pounding cock up there. Her tiny fingers aren’t satisfying enough to get her off, so she pulls out a toy and works herself the rest of the way there. These young innocents are ready to go all the way. Who needs drugs when you have beautiful Asian women and well hung studs? In CLUB 18-23, Alex Summers wants to join an exclusive club just for members between the ages of 18 and 23. This sexy little slut is eager to show you how she plays baseball. They’re not professionals, but you’ll never be able to tell!

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