Bizarre Video Classics : Spanked Extasy


Bizarre Video Classics : Spanked Extasy

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Studio : Bizarre Video Classics.
Actors : Michelle Gabriel,Tasha Voux,Rick Savage,Sir Michael,Angel.
A bright sun can bring a nymph right our of her shell. The bottom is a muscle stud that can’t get enough cocks drilled in his tight ass. Anarchy Films has invited again Dale Jordan, AVN award winning director, to direct Pop That Cherry 4, the cherry picking continues… Watch as Cytherea squirts 5 feet, almost drenching everyone around her. Welcome to the sweetest girls south of the border, as well as the nastiest girls from next door in this ball draining, face painting, ass stretching, Warning: Towel needed for clean up with this one. SEX is king among gay adult video stars. Well, with four hours of sofa sex, there’s a lot of learnin’ going on inside! They use their whole bodies as a classroom for these lads. Join Mercedes Ashley and Byron Long, along with other porn stars, in interracial actio Tranny Dundee is back on the hunt for the elusive Tranny! He’s black and she’s Asian you can’t go wrong with that! April has always wanted to be a porn star. This doctor loves giving his employee’s free physical check up’s! And the beat goes on, you can feel the heat right through the screen, Heatwave Raw brings you the next installment of Hot She Males doing the dirty, these sluts have no shame and are willing to suck on any cock available, and as far as getting rammed, they will take it in any and all holes at the same time. Lily is bound, cleave gagged & left to struggle in a chair by Taste and smell the sole of a new generation! Better yet, what’s sexier? These slabs of twat want you to stroke your cock while you watch them gobble down gallons and gallons of cum! In this classic from JT Video, two dudes decide to share a girlfriend between them one night with unexpected situations. But if you do venture inside what a surprise you will find, hunky beautiful mechanics taking a break from dirty work and getting tuned up for nasty work! 9 glamorous and naughty fashion XXX models perform kinky and outrageous acts, and wild dildo action! Playboy’s bunnies ain’t got shit on this little jackrabbit! (Okay, so maybe some of them come back out again, but that’s another story!) Enjoy Destiny’s hour-long journey into darkness, it’s one of the most intense we’ve ever shot! 15 is all about the pussy. Cory Everson loves every second of her D.P. while she begs for black cock! They take it deep and hard, and love every cum-soaked episode! She gets hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter. Sex – the way nature intended! Vivica Fox’s twin, Candice, is a tall, dark and beautiful girl that loves to get fucked right up her little ass! Teri walks through the park with goo a-drippin! Hot guys that love to fuck girls, and guys that love to get fucked by the girls. Do we care about the orgasm? European bisexuals are as exciting as they get, that’s because they make the most of both worlds. With anal, ATM’s gapers and interracial stretching…you’ll love it!! See why brace-faced cutie Valerie Vasquez has a ‘poke-out booty.’ Join us on Bourbon Street where we see even the most innocent girlfriends, sisters, and housewives turn into Wild Party Girls. Joselyn Pink: Secretary bound and cleave gagged with toe tie as punishment! These horny women pick up cock like they do a dumb-bell…and prove it’s easier picking up hot, hard dick! Hot outdoor California scenes filled with public anal sex action! She gets wet and opens up wide for you to see. In this kinky place knee-high boots, cocksucking and anal exploration are the dishes of the day. Watch these cum-sucking, dick-swallowing filthy sluts take on huge dicks! Realizing how well she takes pain, we tried some clover clamps on her nipples. Hell hath no fury like Sharon Kane. From the unbridled anal orgies in the VIP room of the posh Discotheque, to the seedy back alley bars where wild young women of the night are giving blowjobs to any man who walks through the door, this erotic game of cat and mouse will lead you into the depths of the sexually depraved and to the one woman who left everything behind for the ultimate fantasy. Some of the best teen anal action you’ll ever see. Some local gangsta’s recognize him from the car from the other hood, and make him pay by giving up his brown ass and mouth to these thugs. This is story-driven erotica with a killer cast and lava-hot sex. In Best Of Brigade Volume 2 Turnabout Is Fair Play, nine of Brigade Studios’ most exciting and youthful models are engaged in five flip-flop sex scenes, proving that versatility is the spice of lust! Where do all the first timers dwell, at the she male fuck hotel! So watch out, and don’t let this flick escape your sight. Screwing ass whores! (Chance Davidson) Tough decision, eh? 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These girls get fucked in the pussy and up the ass all the time and every time! “Eighty percent of our customers are here to cruise, and the other 20 percent don’t even bother to show up,” says blond health club owner Ted Garret to Josh Taylor, an overeager employee. The Interracial House Of Pussy is open and the special is big black sausage wrapped in little white pussy. These pretty women know how to work a pair of pantyhose. Snow White wants her red bushed pussy to be filled with big black cock… Hot Bods & Tail Pipe – American muscle, American pussy! They leave behind themselves. In my book they are the best thing around, they’ll suck your cock until it explodes with pleasure, but be careful they like to turn you around and shove those hard fat dicks right up your ass! In our finale scene, we take a close look at Sadie’s snowy white butt. The static causes her brown bush to stand on end. Doggy style and massive cum shots! Goldie fucks the bears and the bears fuck Goldie… ”The Lounge” is a unique club space located near Toronto, Canada, promoted by Shemale Entertainer Amanda Taylor (aka Mandy Goodhandy) and TV personality and columnist Todd Klinck. In Czech Heat, fishermen compare poles and don’t le the bog ones get away! Olga, intrigued by legends of the mighty Sybian’s powers, attempts to give it a whirl. Jade and Lucky give you a brief look into their energetic and happy world as they bring their finest clothing to a perfectly clear swimming pool. Marie Luv looks like the girl next door, but you should see her beg for two cocks at once! The scenes in this compilation are scorching and come from a series of winning Sin City titles. In this cum-coated man-on-man, python-sized cock-fest, sexercise is the best way to do it!480 When she gets on her knees to suck you cock, it’s like feeling a little piece of heaven. These sweeties are eager to try anything once. She anchors it between her shoes and keeps on fuckin’. Last but not least, the mistress sates herself with Giselle, a young piece of Canadian meat. Check it out now! Sensual and seductive, this movie is definitly “Couples Friendly”… That’s what Deepthroat Virgins is a Every girl in this amazing cast gets a flesh tube up her backside!! Monico is an exchange student studying political science, and working in the White House. Watch as thousands of hot chicks party and get naked, showing their private parts They put me through a series of intense sexual tests. In Part One, ready for an evening out, Tom sees Gerri and forgets about their plans. Nurse Lora works late night, and her pussy is feeling lonely. The bra cups runneth over in TNT5 — exactly what you’ve come to expect from the series made for tit lovers by tit lovers. The question remains…will he call tomorrow? You are sure to get off watching this video, the only downside is that one of these chicks isn’t there to receive your load on her chin. These girls push her to the limit, with no nonsense hardcore Lesbian sex. They get wet, and they can fake it so easily. It starts off where Wetlook Hotel left off, with Sammi, Sky, and Estel. Make sure there is plenty of anal, oral, DPs, ATMs, and every other freaky act you can cum up with…good luck angels, and good fucking! Oh, those lovely British Pissing Sluts, these Lesbians have a favorite book, it’s the Yellow Stream by, I PEE DAILY, but their favorite pastime is pissing! The show is packed with sexy starlets and your favorite porn stars strutting their stuff for you, the fans. Simona & Mi Basic training will never be the same again! They dream about sex as much as we do, but now they’re making their dirtiest wishes come true. First time hottie Kitty K. A smokin’ scene… Watch these soon to be mothers get tied up, whipped, titty tortured, and get the ever-loving life damn near beat out of them! Maximum exposure affords the best view when there is no hair to get in the way. In order to oppose Gimmick’s organization, members of the counterterrorism group, led by the lady sniper “EL” , were formed. Delicate pink folds of twat slammed full of thick purple cock. Four hours of whips, chains, latex, and dominant babes! As she writes the chapters of her story, she lives them through her imagination. Watch as his hungry hole gobbles up the black 183 Sexy fireballs like Christie and Barbara will put fur on your palms. Norma Diamond, an aging transvestite porn star, is being passed by in the business and replaced by younger transsexuals with real breasts. Fresh meat! These little sluts are hot to trot and ready to show you a very very good time, so lets join the party and find out what TIGHT really means! Our crew comes prepared, cameras ready to capture all the chaos. These girls just need a hard cock… They then head back into the lake and clean off their dresses. From mega-endowed muscle-bound beauties pounding young guys, on-the-prowl footballers having sex both rough and romantic, Hard Games is certain to keep you “playing” until you’re fully spent. The summer is fulfilling their desires and with a small town full of young, hot and willing victims, they fulfill the lot of them! Very lesbian, very hot, you’ll be the only dick around. Taking the mile-high club to a new XXXtreme! Enjoy your wet pussy sex fiends! Kelly was a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest, and afterwards, we asked her to do some public flashing in the streets. Gorgeous sluts, get hardcore anal penetration. That’s a rhetorical question; of course you like lesbians. Next, she goes to town. 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