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Bijou Classics : Shop Sex

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Studio : Bijou Classics.
Actors : Tony Bullet,Jeffrey Devons,Dylan Rage,Earl Utah,Joe,Marco.
Don’t be fooled by what you see these girls aren’t shy or timid. Four classically perverted and psychologically disturbing vignettes including: Monkey Juice, Primal Urge, The Wheel, and Witch’s Tit. Biz Zum Anschlag, will help take you to the darkside!!!! Surrounded by power tools, these guys enjoy the smell of the grease as they slap on the lube and shove their cocks up willing bubble buts. There are no limitations set here. These girls have two things in common: blonde locks, and an appetite for cock! They are well fed and bounce in bed! Eating pussy, sucking cock, anal fucking is all possible with partners switching between being a top and bottom and not caring if it’s a male or a female. Spit-soaked deep throat. Who hasn’t ever dreamed, deep down in their hearts, about being a porn star? Brunette women are the Tito’s of the porn world. Watch as each girl is interviewed and then gets her wish with a long hard fuck session! Then, Flower and Tianna find the pool boy to be just what the doctor ordered (Introducing Jon Jacobs in a non-sex role. Anika and Bailey are off and riding the Sybian. Besides loving to pee for the camera, the lovely Hispanic Misty gives an incredible hand job. A girl knows what a girl wants, and these whores are no exception! She’s offering them up to the man who’s willing to get down on his knees and beg! This is really a tasty video. All the ex-members of the tennis club at Sakura Junior High gather together at the class reunion party on New Years Eve. This tenth installment in our popular JackBuddies series brings back a hot hairy muscular favorite, Derrick and has him show the younger, preppier Cameron who’s bos Brazilian blonde bombshell Sophia Sandobar highlights this video about sexually insane girls out to prove who is more aggressive in the sack: men or women. She had to wear a butt plug for two days to prepare for her ass-pounding debut!282 Hard anal action, pussy pounding and messy facials are the rule of the day in Anally Submerged Semen Slurpers. Two sexy blonde friends decide to get hot and nasty on one lucky guy that enjoys hot blowjobs and hardcore penetration in this fabulous threesome action. Watch the close-ups and facial expressions as the studs in this Japanese original play, fuck, finger, and dildo some fresh Asian clam dripping with that sweet duck sauce. Here’s the follow-up to one of the greatest 4-hour collections of our time! While Ms.Spears’ career seems to be nothing more than a scam, Precious Video’s “Not That Innocent” is the real deal! Nothing Coffee Ron likes more then pushing these girls to the extremes with his hard cock or a baseball bat! Incredible Hungarian Tera Bond wanted to try being with two men. Load up on your lube, because you will be sure to shoot your sticky load in no time with these hard bodies studs!!! What do you get? Real chocolate BBW amateurs caught humping, sucking, fucking, and squirting in their living room! This time, beautiful barely legal Sayaka Kusunoki and Ai Kazumi are girls who want to graduate high school and are ready to do what they have to in order to pass. The thing about European girls is that they are not inhibited by anything, they will tell you what they want and how they want it!!! This beautifully produced film of this extraordinarily gorgeous woman holds nothing back. Scene 7: Now our heroine re-appears also covered in tight, silky-sheer suntan body hose as the camera gets great close-ups of her full, red lips and blue eyes, as she moans with pleasure! Cum take a load off with some nut bustin’ sloppy pussy from the East. Before. International Amateur Adult Video raided a small college in northern California and collected 12 straight studs ranging in age from 18 to 24 who were ready, willing, and able to whip out their junk and stroke it to their heart’s content in front of their cameras! Watch them stroke and shoot just for you. Prepare yourself for uncut, uncensored, and what is termed “usually not allowed” camerawork. Lauren and Victoria fall victim to unbelievable anal destruction, their once-tight little bungholes are left permanently destroyed, gaping so wide, you can still hear the ocean from their asses. Channel finds herself being double penetrated, buttfucked and blasted with the cum of six men! She sucks Logan off till he cums in her mouth and she swallows his load of man spackle! It’s a jungle down there! In the manager’s office, the “Big Cluck” Himself, CHAD KNIGHT, is interviewing big dick recruit, LANCE LANDERS. While there, Ed Powers and friends engaged in several voyeuristic episodes including boy-girl, three-way, and girl-girl scenes!!! Brooke, Cole Conners & Tianna Lynne get hyper-nasty, but keep it normal. We give these sluts a special departing gift: Away they go with sperm from a stranger deep inside their fuck holes! Makes you wonder the next time the doorbell rings! These brave girls are not models or paid actresses, in fact they’re just the girls next door. Another girl got bored with babysitting and decided to spend her time getting fucked. Under that greasy overall exterior beats the chest of one of the finest pair of all natural hooters (the size of young ripe cantaloupes) that you will ever see in one porn lifetime … and now you can own them!!! He adores their beauty. His band has yet to have a breakthrough hit, though. She becomes the object of several fantasies of her employers. Or nothing at all! These two look a bit fearful to start, and for some reason they remain convincingly afraid of the pledge master throughout. Watch them slip a dildo in their pussy while sucking on their own nipples. See these ripe and round rear ends get plowed by massive man-meat! Karina is another hot babe into exhibitionism. This movie is jam-packed with jillions of jumbo jugglies jumping and jiggling for your ultimate jizz jettison! We did a lot of ghetto-style fucking on 3 blonde-headed white chicks in the ass in Czech, and two American chicks getting real nasty! For dessert, he offers up his special cre Just when you think you’ve seen it all… Let’s go fishing! The headmistress of Girlworld is Nina Hartley, who puts different combinations of her current students through their paces, describing what to do to each other with her extensive inventory of toys. Eight volunteers who answer an advertisement in the newspaper, a doctor with an erotic experiment to perform, a jail where the human specimens will be shut away for ten days…This is the recipe for a blisteringly hot jail sentence that will explore human sexuality to its very limits. Basically, if you’re intrigued by the title you should check this one out — it delivers exactly what you want from a sexvid like this. From “circle jerks” in school to late night “strokes” in the barracks, guys know what to do when horny. But she’s a girl who knows what she likes, and after a pretty explicit and honest interview, she goes straight to her magic hot spot – and works it to orgasm. Ladies, there isia war going on. Deep throat ’til you choke! Don’t miss this youthful, playful and cum-filled compendium. Starring 10 of the most beautiful faces we’ve ever cum across, doing the kneepad mambo like it’s going out of style. Pia Carrot is a famous family restaurant that has beautiful waitresses who serve customers in sexy cute uniforms. She’s sexy and horny but you can’t get a better mix then that!! Then, dressed in a classic skirt, patterned white silk blouse, stockings, heels, and black bra, Alexis enters to untie her captive. He hooks up with Rachel Ashley and it turns out to be the best connection he ever made. Princess can suck dick while bending over backwards. Scene 3: Ten Ways to Keep Your Boyfriend Happy. Shots Video brings you “Mister D – The Hardest In Hardcore Volume 4!” Mister D is the man that brings you the finest in foreign whores that love to suck hard, purple cock! With Erika suspended face up, the good Doctor begins her therapy by checking her anal excitation level at various frequencies. When she climbs on top of a cock she soon finds another one has crept into her ass! Marco tops Jean while Jean blows Will. I love Big Beautiful Paradise Part 2! How long can you last? First he brings in smooth, big-dicked Rhett, but blindfolded, and sits him on the couch, having him slowly undress himself. We have DILTF – Dad’s I’d Like To Fuck #3! This horny slut wants an ebony slab of her own! The horny cameraman even manages to find his way into the action for a little satisfaction of his own!!! The lusty lady wouldn’t have it any other way! Sweet fancy Jesus, this is enough to make any man kneel down and prey! First, Rodrigo and Pedro meet at a parade, then quickly head home where Rodrigo bends Pedro over to top him, then both explode and lay back to relax in sheer delight! A Tale of Savage Sadism! These whores aren’t addicted to alcohol or drugs – they crave cock! That’s probably why they decided to be porn stars in the first place. Hot young girls going at it in this video show you what 80% of girl’s experience. 18-year-old Jas is only 5′ tall & 90 pounds, but she takes on Bill Banks like a seasoned pro and gets covered in cum! Shoot your load right up there into her womb. She pleasures herself until the ultimate finale, and all she asks is that you do the same. While wandering in the hills on a hike, a lucky man stumbles upon a sexy leather-clad dominatrix with a riding crop. Jill Kelly Productions presents an all-star video of 2003 AVN Award winners. Exotic Nikita convinces her ranch stud to use his dick instead of a pick. Our seasoned divas are at it again! Get ready to pitch a tent as an eight pack of wild honeys head deep into the hills and valleys of sexual debauchery and sin in a dark hard-core look at nasty sex and total preversion under the sun, under the stars, and under each other. And the brewing family is no exception. Cytherea squirts 7 times and then swallows Johnny Thrust’s load. I know, I couldn’t resist her advances. Hoping to recover a valuable painting once owned by Linette’s father, the two of them enter the anonymous concrete building, only to find the cruel dominatrix Mandy already awaiting them. More “Ghetto Guys” in gut-wrenching, butt fucking action. These girls not only like to suck cock, get their pussies pounded, but they love to fuck your hardon with their HUGE knockers too. A must see for all the rough riders! The strict discipline of the military has been holding him back. Hardcore fucking and sucking for the porno guru! These horse-hung studs are ready to plow some wet MILF pussy and they won’t be disappointed. At last a movie that makes all the other porn films a thing of the past. Come join the party! Filled with hardcore action and sensual solo play, Diana Pilova will take you on a sexy ride through her own private fantasies! There’s D.P., 2 on 1 and cum swallowing action among other treats. She discovers that the training consists of receiving an extended med exam, including a gruesome series of enemas. To prevent this from happening, you will need to pause this movie every 5 minutes and think of old grandmas!!! In “Brazilian Sizzle,” the heat of the Brazilian carnival season in the heart of the lush and steamy Amazon rain forest causes juices to get flowing and guys to get going after each other for hot, sizzling sex! These She-males love getting tag-teamed by two young studs and they love getting pounded in the ass! According to Webster’s II Bonnie Heart is a hot babe from England. College girls with their shirts up and their pants coming down!! This amazing title is not to be missed! Eventually, she gets finger fucked, while rubbing her clit while still expelling on the toilet till sh749 There’s a quiet little bar in Tijuana that’s not very well known. Following the example of the Wassermans, the girls set out on a quest to quell the strange new cravings that are awakening within their young, tender loins. Selling soiled panties on a website only has one problem … who’s going to perfume them? Biker boobs! Her hips buck on their own, plump pubis grinding up against the phantom hand. Bad girl! Vivid presents four hours of threesomes … This is one crazy hot Russian bitch. Sexy hunks drop to their knees to swallow rock hard cock! Right after helping the poor little girl Tom demands a reward (as you might have expected). Nothing like dirty bitches shooting hot loads of jizz down their throats. Another great shoot – this is an totally natural shoot where Lana films herself masturbating while reading a porn magazine … Bacchus brings you Cocks and Robbers!!! In fact, cum is part of her diet. This movie will make you want to take the big dive–into the pool. Tune in to watch her degrade herself over and over for your viewing pleasure.

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