Alternadudes : Alternadudes Auditions


Alternadudes : Alternadudes Auditions

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Studio : Alternadudes.
Actors : Rob Steele (i),Pink Steale,Chubbs Locklear,Jason Duprey,Dillon O’Brien,Gabe Tonic,Harrison Levi,Jake Jammer,Tristan Matthews.
Watch me as I fuck this 43yr old woman with my strap on, whip her until she has welts on her ass, and force her to admit whom her #1 Goddess is! Lola goes for the gusto! Mistress Isabella needs a break, so she phones her friend, Mistress Jean, to see if she can arrange a stay at her pony girl ranch. Directed by Pierre Woodman, this movie has fantastic couples and group scenes as these 4 guys certainly get a holiday to remember! The gooey adventure continues! They get plugged in every hole they have – their mouths, their pussies, and their asses! No wings, heart-shapes, stashes or landing strips here, just all natural, hairy, young sluts who love to make cocks disappear in their furry fuck holes! Happy Fucking Birthday is a great present to give on a birthday with all the girls will show you what its like to be a Fem Dom. Kayla from Europe hasn’t shaved in years and cute redhead Annie hasn’t mowed her grass in a while. 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