AlphaMales : Muscle Daddies


AlphaMales : Muscle Daddies

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Studio : AlphaMales.
Actors : Tom Neris,Sergio Moreno,Joe Gunn,Jessy Ares,Geoffrey Paine.
Tanya (Barbara Dare), an up and coming investigative reporter, is doing a story on Girlworld, now operated by Zena (Nina Hartley), the original head mistress of Girlworld and out of retirement. These dirty little brats are hungry for sex, and they can’t get enough! He hunts his prey, devouring cocks, conquering ass, burning for manflesh like nothing you have ever seen before. Frightened of losing his reputation in the village because of his son’s debaucheries, Mr.Torrez marches Luc to the school of St.Anselm.With a cast of 17 all male students and a hunky priest, Luc gets much more than religious education. 4 Whores chow down on mouth meat in a cocksucking race to get them to cum! Hope you like ’em young because this vid has ’em as fresh and tasty as any fine muff you’ve tried. Some are expecting deliveries, but their checks were bad – so he delivers a load of gunk on them instead! So cum on in, what do you have to lose? Before she knows what’s doing Gene shows up to help her get off with his big hard cock. From foot massage to foot jobs, you’ll become a new fan of that oft-overlooked body part! She inserts several of her fingers in her pussy and forces the skin out of her asshole – she says she loves for guys to lick the inside of her anus this way. A titillating temptress, this girl is quite the catch, but experience her for yourself and add CG-30 to your collection today! These hot “girls” with their eager cocks will blow your mind, and they expect the same in return. Join beautiful Sierra on a suspenseful, sun-drenched trip to Malibu. 11 Horny Babes Lose Their Innocence To Their Own Lusts! That the cum is sweeter! Just goes to show you, just because you’re smart doesn’t mean your not hot! Watch… Unfortunately that doesn’t make her torture any less real. The last scene is an interracial threesome with two outrageously hung black guys and a skinny little brunette! 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Terri goes from cheerleader to major league whore getting her pussy and face fucked relentlessly by the six biggest dicks on the team, and doesn’t let up until her little hole gets stretched by two huge cocks at once and gets covered i One afternoon Coral, Francesca’s roommate, is eagerly logged on to her bondage website. This film sports 16 new cock-sucking scenes. This guy basically shows the girls what a real cock can do and how it handles itself in ruff pussies. Mistress Gypsy announces her decree to the whining Michael and his metemorphosis commences. Come and watch as they get together and create a fire of sexual frustration and feel the explosion as they cum over and over and over again. These couples indulge in oral, anal and threesomes, not knowing if they are only moments away from getting busted! Throw your remote across the room! These sluts are severly punished! Whether it’s a weekend orgy or a wild road trip to where the boners are, these sex-crazed chicks are going to make it a vacation you’ll never forget. Piercing performance art and suspension will never become commonplace. She really is a nice young woman. They are all truly hardcore whores, after watching this video you can determine for yourself and get back to me. All is revealed, and Seka gives us her all. Bad, black, beautiful and off the hook. Do you like it rough? If you’re up for spending the day with 2 amazing public nudity exhibitionists who are total sex freaks, then climb on board – you’re in for a great time with Allison and Marisa! Leah Luv gets a solid DP from Ben English and James Deen. He buried his massive 13″ cock in more than 14,000 starlet women! Rod swats Steve’s smooth ass with a riding crop and then licks his hole. This X-mas Jessi Summers and Santa’s Cock Helpers are unwrapping your package!!! This is the hairiest pussy video you’ll ever find. 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Campus Confessions 5 kicks down the dorm room door and exposes the uncensored sexual escapades of college cuties. Kiko’s the college freshman exploring his sexuality with his horny roommates. Forced slave training, whippings, waxing, nude rope bondage, forced cock sucking, and suspensions, await this (briefly) uniformed co-ed at the hands of her uncle and his friends. He has good definition, really sexy hairy chest and a huge cock. 746 This volume brings you a whole new crop of brand new recruits. Lean teen dream machines, buff boys with supersized toys, all hot, hard and eager to please themselves (and each other…) Latino, Asian and blonde, blue-eyed studs Military Meat… Sexy Jeannie Marie Sullivan gets filled by Mark Ashley. The best just keeps getting better with Adam & Eve! What’s better than all-natural sex in the great outdoors? All day he wades through pussy, shoving his face within inches of luscious love holes. If you love shoe play with sheer stockings, then this video is your dream come true. Why don’t you loan us your credit card to use at the mall. With a firm hand she administers harsh spankings to her charges Crissy and Candy, two women who have been at camp for several weeks and spend most of their time complaining. Getting nasty with a Euro flair, Girl on Girl hot lesbian action and oh yeah, the boys know what’s happening because they pull out their hard throbbing cocks and join the fun too! Enjoy excellent hardcore doggy style sex and lovely long blowjobs in Opposites Attract! Dripping wet pussies and rock hard cocks, cum on in and ch Tons of anal! Maybe if you’re lucky one of these guys will meet you in the shower room. In NEW BREED 3, you will witness homeowner Christy Parks arrive home to find her yard workers slacking!! With Jim’s wedding day drawing near, his friends decide to give him a bachelor’s bash he’ll never forget! Double-porked cum eating sluts! I am one bad-ass bitch! Anything and everything you can possible want is right here in BlackTeens 2! Lisa Ann as Zina in a breast to breast, tongue-to-tongue personal duel with Joi Reno. Join the incredible action from front row center. These cute girls seem to be so innocent, but see for yourself what happens when cute kittens turn into horny cats. Straight from Brazil, these horny starlets want to show how it’s done. Cum join the payout as these guys spread loads of cream man juice! With Special musical guest Candy Cane. If you are into lipstick lesbians and spanking – watch this!!! Black and white chicks get lucky in this one. These sweet girls love to take off their sexy bikinis for a full romp of sexual fun and excitement! There’s something here for everyone, just as long as you like ’em young and tight. Juli shows Nick a world he was unprepared for, a world of sex and fun, of friendship and lost inhibitions, a world he’s prepared to give up everything for. How could anyone resist spanking their girl when her tush is as pretty and scrumptious as the gal’s in this hard hitter from Firm Hand Studios? She spanks her ass hard, taking the jeans slowly down teasingly and spreads her cheeks wide open then puts her finger way up her asshole. They decide to take turns and now it’s Kayla’s turn to tickle Chelsea. Scene 1 Three hot, uncut boiz, one empty house, and a pool. Too young to party, too hip to care! Her inviting wet pussy can’t wait to have some pipe laid right to it. He strips down, jumps in bed, grabs a dildo, crams it up his ass and jacks off. Who needs depends when you don’t wear pants? She speaks little English but knows the language of sex very, very well!

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