Alpha Blue Archives : She Did What He Wanted


Alpha Blue Archives : She Did What He Wanted

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Studio : Alpha Blue Archives.
Actors : Deborah Downey,Damian Zisk,Kathy Williams,Rick Conlin,Bambi Allen,Sandy Dempsey.
Includes a special sex report from London where 2 girls put on a lesbian show for an audience of regular customers in a porno cinema and then work their way through every cock in the audience! Tia loves fucking white guys. Well, that’s the question these 4 babes are trying to answer. First, she starts off by playing with herself using a nice big dildo. As with all Mandy Goodhandy videos, it is all improv, shot in one take. We pay them, so why do they go directly against our orders … Naudia is the sexy jail guard who takes it up the ass! The dungeon master starts out easy with her and his flogs and paddles and moves on up to nipple torture…and rat traps on her innocent labia!349 These licentious ladies abandon all inhibitions and bring themselves to quivering climax again and again. For a sweet treat I begin to suck on a lollypop and yawn a little bit. When her contract is fit to expire, Maria, the town’s top whore, takes a figurative shit in Vaginus’ cereal. Can you feel the heat? That’ll teach her … Older men more experienced with big hard cocks to please. Once at the carnival, she learns that the psychic has run off. Strawberry: Smokin’ little ebony slut! Each of the beauty’s also show off their self masturbation talents! They show the guards, the inmates and anyone else who wants a ride the ropes of a sex life during lockdown…She-Male Lockdown that is! Back by the fireplace with her favorite naughty magazine, she plays with her big tits, waiting for her boyfriend to get home and fuck her wild! This is the story of one such TV station and the FCC. Marie HATES being tickled, you can see it on her face, it is NOT fun for her, it is torture. This delightful interview offers us a sneak peek into her private life. Well, whatever it was, this babysitter had one wet pussy and needed a good fuckin Two hours of Desiree at her hottest! These girls love just getting every orifice fucked and stuffed with hard dicks!!! Mardi Gras is America’s greatest street party. Picture incredible Tori Welles, spread eagle on the video screen…naked, quivering and waiting for the big one! Huge boobies from Plenty, in this occasion she is defending her turf, that is, in Las Vegas. Nothing holds her back when she needs a fuck. BERLIN DUNGEON is truly a handballers, hardcore delight. What can you expect from these Slum Valley Whores?!

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