Alpha Blue Archives : Gold Or Bust


Alpha Blue Archives : Gold Or Bust

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Studio : Alpha Blue Archives.
Actors : Lysa Thatcher,Nancy Hoffman,Eric Edwards.
Brand new, gorgeous & extremely hot Crystal Knight starts us off! With peckers like these, these aren’t your every day pretty pin~atas! Watch as she and her henchwomen try to take over the world with the help of the “Evil Dr.No Love” and “Cold Finger”. No need for expensive equipment to buy, and no gym memberships to join. Isn’t Nadia such an attractive piece of ass? Feel all the Pain! After several minutes of DEEP ASS SMOTHERING, she throws him to the bed and makes him WORSHIP HER ASS, kissing it and licking it, stuffing his head into her face. These sluts don’t care if it’s black or white, as long as it’s hot, hard cock! Cum check out “Ride It Raw #1″ from Triple Threat Video!! Watch as these pros use their skills on each other to spread the cunt and do mouth to clit inspections! Porn director Bob Sima was looking for talent. Here raging hard-ons and out-of-control libidos clash and crash …and you are taken on a journey you are unlikely to ever, ever forget! Watch these girls give and get workouts like you’ve never seen before! No one spends his or her hard-earned cash on a new ride before taking it for a TEST DRIVE. But you have got to check out his one scene with the girl who looks super young. A swinging couple from overseas decide to have some fun outdoors, they do everything‚Ķ Tit fucking, anal, vaginal, oral, facials, etc. Nothing but sluts, slits, toys, tongues and tush! She keeps inviting him back for more so she can suck his cock and take it up her beefy taco pussy. Susan is a Cambodian Thai mix who is very adept at deep throating! I love Big Beautiful Paradise Part 2! This girl is oh so tight! Find out what happens to the beautiful young maids when the Mistress returns! Soon, it’s discovered that these locals have a passion for pleasure and a flair for fellatio! Actually three threesomes to be exact. The marines have got your ass covered…in more ways than one! See two big-titted bitches fuck each other with an 18” double dildo. (If you ask us, young Sarah would definitely make a pig drip.) All the fuck suck action you wanted to see, extensive anal episodes, with unmerciful hardcore penetration from mouth to asshole! The plot and eroticism are absolutely outstanding. And it’s all above board ‚Ķ except, of course, for what happens under the sheets! This is not for the faint of heart! It’s amazing to watch her knowing you’re not quite sure if she’s someone you know or not because of the sunglasses and mask that she wears through most of the movie! Spanky has a new reality show that let’s the virgin stud “Trey Brent” pick who he gets to fuck tonight. They will do anything to join! Victoria and Sophia, Two naughty girls, are being taken care of by their Uncle Nik and Mistress Gemini. Phat azz beauties get down! She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t hesitate to order a hot fudge sundae at dinner, and doesn’t hesitate to get fucked right in the parking lot. These white cunts are the cream that holds all that chocolate goodness together! Well this kid knows one thing it is always better to get dirty before you get clean!! All they need to fill their addiction is a little slice of dripping wet snatch. His deep revenge restarts the girls’ nightmare! A big six-girl group grope, with Gina wielding a strap-on, is the grand finale in this anniversary edition of Strap-On Sally! The finale finds Lana inviting Naomi, Mahogany and Tabitha over for a wrap party that quickly turns into a full-scale group grope. Check out hustlers Superfuckers #19 and watch these tramps earn their title. After a saucer or two, Pussy tucks into Mouse Hole’s crack putting the purr into perfect pussy. She says, “I’m so horny,” and masturbates and gives us a cock sucking demonstration with a HUGE blue dildo, and has an orgasm! The Flirts series will reveal how. A nice dose of pecker-jizzmo will satisfy the tummy of the most cum crazed junky. They aren’t shy, either, since all this smokin’ mature action takes place outside! John’s cock has a nice downward curve that would make it perfect for sucking if you were kneeling at his feet and looking up into his baby-face. Kevin is an absolutely perfect model. These girls do everything your wife wouldn’t do! She was so bad she needs to go to her teacher’s house for a spanking… Courtney Cummz has never had it so big! Giselle’s natural breasts are bound and tortured, her butt is paddled and caned and her pussy is assaulted with an antique vibrator! These hot muscular studs love to give and take, even if it’s bareback! Seated in Dr.Horst Von Semen’s office, Duncan explains his problem. It may not be currently in vogue, and cosmetic companies would like to keep it that way, but we know the truth. Tricked into thinking this is an audition for real porn, she takes it all off and goes all the way to show that she can hang tough with the pros. Society Affairs is an affair to remember. They will take on as many as they can on their knees and on their backs! Getting together with classmates at the ole frat house can be fun and you can meet their girlfriends. Ladies in Heat is a two-girl solo and lesbian classic feature with beautiful blonde European women fingering themselves for the camera. When her prize slave Lisa come to spend a weekend of sensual domination at Tanya’s well-equipped dungeon, little does she know what surprise awaits her, beginning with the unexpected arrival of her worst enemy, Cynthia, who witnesses Lisa’s humiliation, only to get a close of the same for herself at Lisa’s hand in the inevitable turnabout. THREE more hidden shots capture couples fucking away in their apartments, including one pregnant chick! The first scene was an experiment that went so well I had to share it. She pulls him closer and takes his pants down and starts to play with his already hard cock. “What does that entail?” you may ask. These young asian girls are far from innocent! When a slave doesn’t mind her Master, the Master has to get tough. She was forced to undergo humiliating ceremonies such as complete undressing, deprivation of right to use the toilet, cruel canning and unspeakable torture of breast and vagina with clothespins.415 Between knockouts, Stacy strips and fondles Isabella. Finally, Haley gets totally destroyed by Ben English and his huge rectum rocket. Check out Kimmy Kream and her gal pals Jassie, Kelly Kline and Genesis Skye as they stiffen you up til you blow your top! Finally Pamela mounts the Sybian from the rear. When sexy Rick Bolton drops his lover for a promising career with the Feds, he gets a dick-hardening shock when his man shows up again on America’s Most Wanted List! Watch while the victim gets the royal treatment by two beautiful lesbian angels, a spirit is fucked by an imp, and the murderer is forced to take on two “horny” devils in a screaming climax! 18-year-old Jas is only 5′ tall & 90 pounds, but she takes on Bill Banks like a seasoned pro and gets covered in cum! For 8 glorious scenes of thought-stopping blowjobs with twice the tongue and cum-swapping goodness, you better Double Down. Latin to Lust After Latinos are full of machismo, and David is no different. Watch, as Mistress Jean turns them into her little playthings. Victoria Given’s 1st time, before she became the anal gang bang whore she is! These luscious ladies have all of the assets and all of the experience. Their formula for fun is complete when they team up with four frisky well-endowed strippers who’ll do anything for a good time. Poor little Bella Donna. Let’s just say I was in over my head on this on She just grinds her pussy into the guy’s face! It’s the perfect end to a stressful day!” Shyla performs a naughty little strip tease number out of her short jean skirt and tight little top to reveal nothing underneath! Hey people, as you know it’s been awhile since I’ve been in Budapest. Relentless and cock-hungry, she will stop at nothing! It’s your job to extract as much semen from every guy you find! This is filmed entirely in California with California’s Hollywood babes! When they arrive at the mountain retreat, they discover murders have occurred in the area and that it’s too dangerous for the women to explore the area alone. These Asian boy toys are ready and willing to make you a sushi roll as they stroke, fondle, lick, suck and fuck any available man meat. And what an ASS-signment it turns out to be! I know some boys who are gonna gets lumps of coal in their stockings. One day he meets a man that can make all of his sexual fantasies a reality. She’s showing you her knob waxing skills. Foul mouthed Roxanne gets her face fucked silly before taking a brutal ass reaming from her side action! Could the culprit be his scheming mistress? The all new Horny Henry… Reaching for the ultimate, explode with every single piece of your entire body. Somehow they manage to convince this dark-skinned beauty that getting naked on camera and fucking the shit out of a big white cock is a good idea! Regardless, these people are trying their hand fucking on camera and for live shows. Each sexy little slut makes their holes perform like you’ve never seen before! The monster is after her sexual elixir, whose hidden energy is to resurrect its master, the God of Darkness. Test-drive the best pussy on the market in CALL GIRLS UNDERCOVER #2.

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