Alkaline Productions : Rookie Guys 4


Alkaline Productions : Rookie Guys 4

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Studio : Alkaline Productions.
Actors : Tristan (Alkaline) ,Mikky Crain,James Hamilton,Alec Keen,Van Marco,Kameron Scott,Karlos Armandes,Tommy Rogers,Tyler Davis,Austin Dallas.
But as far as Megan is concerned, one spanking just won’t do. If exotic Indian girls are what you dig, you’re sure gonna dig this. The general premise of this scintillating new series is that each of the women takes on a trio of piston-pumping studs — one in each orifice. Director Pierre Woodman, the master of high-octane hardcore, delivers another intense dose of delicious, sphincter stabbing smut! It is especially nice when you can get off to it too. An enigmatic experience that will ensnare your attention, and unleash wave after wave of excitement and anticipation. I hit her hard again and she is intensely playing with herself stronger. John Leslie relives some of her hottest moments…like a leather orgy where Samantha licks everyone into a frantic frenzy! She likes it in her mouth and on her tits. How can a couple of hotties like Ava Devine and Angelica Sin fight over who owns a room, furthermore, they always seem to pact a meeting where the main idea is to squeeze as much boob as possible. No matter on land, in the air or at sea, just watch how much fun gay life can be. We’ve shot a lot of videos, and the girls are always anxious at first, but never have we seen a case of the nerves evaporate so quickly. If you like watching hundreds of America’s sisters, housewives, and innocent coeds flashing tits, bush, and ass, then you’ll love our latest Mardi Gras video. Well, actually a cat-fight is a lot better when the sexy participants have enormous tits and they are wrestling in a pool!!! It’s the most talked about, real life, hardcore and in your face video you’ll ever see. These are just some of the stories you will see and hear… She’s not as alone as she thinks she is. Elora DEEP THROATS! 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